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The Ithaca Journal spewing hate.

The editorial board consists of Neill Browski and Chris Kocher. The paper is paying columnists who are likening President Trump to everything from Hitler to cancer. There is no limit or class.

Has the hate mongering paid off for the Ithaca Journal?

Despite the vitriolic IJ efforts, the Trump efforts to cut the damage from the Obama regime keeps going forward.

There was one hate crime killing in Ithaca, where a truck driver was first shot and then driven over in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It was a case of mistaken identity; the killer thought he was attacking Trump. Until the interrogation protocols are made public, it is unclear from where the killer gathered his hate. One wonders, why the killing has been so very underreported in the Ithaca Journal?

Sending a letter to the Editor pointing out the hate mongering and correcting errors in the Ithaca Journal is a waste of time. They are likely be censored out by the editorial page editor. Published letters to the Editor in the Ithaca Journal are probably 90% from the fringe left.